TV deals are generators of huge amounts of money in today’s football. Leagues and associations get huge amounts of money and then distribute them to clubs.

UEFA got a new mega-deal for next season’s, Bundesliga will have a new deal from next season and German clubs will get a financial boost. Premier League TV money is legendary, and their TV deals got English League so high financially. But in the end, when you add up everything, what leagues are the most valuable?

Top 5 European leagues

Premier League is of course in the first place. If you look at the value of all cumulative TV deals for English first tiers per game, it’s €9.55 million. That’s nearly three times more than the second-best deal in Europe.

Bundesliga comes second with €3.86 million per game, but that will change soon. The new deal will get German clubs 70% more money, so they can close a gap with Premier League clubs substantially.

Ligue 1 comes in third place with €3.075 million per game valuation. Their big markets like Africa got them there. Of course, deals for Africa are less expensive than ones in Europe, but there is a huge market. Because of many African players in Ligue 1, you can sell your product at a continent with a population of 1.2 billion.

The next place in the list is for Serie A. Italian games are worth €2.61 million each. And then we get to the point where La Liga is only in fifth place. With such clubs as Real Madrid and Barcelona, stars like Lionel Messi, and a huge Spanish speaking population in the world, La Liga has only €2.23 million per game.

Outside of Big 5

After the first 5 leagues, Turkish Super Lig is in the sixth place. Their new TV deal is enormous, and the per-game Turkish League is worth €1.40 million. Then you have EFL’s contracts, and English lower league games are worth €772.000 per game.

Then goes Scottish Premiership with a deal worth €650.000 per game, on the ninth place you have Portuguese Liga NOS with €413.000 per game. The list is complete with the Belgian Jupiler League. Every Belgian game on TV is worth €321.000.


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