Chief executive of Manchester United Ed Woodward doesn’t bring titles to Old Trafford, but he brings profit. English club is by far the most profitable club in Europe when you look at EBITDA ranking.

You could read what is really EBITDA, and why it is used in football financial reports. Nearly all the most successful European clubs have EBITDA in plus. There are some exceptions like Roma (EBITDA of minus €25 million) and Everton (EBITDA of minus €15 million).

Europe’s most profitable clubs are…

Manchester United has a huge fanbase in China and the United States. Also, Ed Woodward made sure they have a sponsorship agreement signed for absolutely everything. United even has an official tractor distributor. Their EBITDA for the 2018/19 season was €186 million.

English clubs are on the first four places on the list of clubs with the highest EBITDA scores for the 2018/19 season. Tottenham Hotspur is second with an EBITDA of €168 million. Liverpool is third with €124 million, and behind them lies Manchester City.

The first non-English club on the list is Real Madrid, Their EBITDA is valued at €109 million. They are the last club with more than €100 million earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

Premier League really dominates when profits are considered because Arsenal is sixth on the list with €78 million. Inter earned €72 million, PSG €68 million, Barcelona €63 million, and Atletico Madrid €57 million.

So, big clubs always generate a lot of money, but you’re not destined to sporting success if you put profits first on your agenda. Look at Ed Woodward, Glazers, and Manchester United.


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