Players are the most valuable possession one football club can get. And all clubs must pay their players big time. But how much top European clubs spend on wages?

Players’ power becomes more and more evident in recent years. We are having many examples of players leaving on a free transfer, and therefore getting bigger contracts themselves. Instead of spending money on transfer fees, big clubs want to lure the best players by getting them big contracts.

So, when you look at financial reports, what do they tell you?

How much money you must spend on wages to reach the top?

Barcelona has by far the biggest wage bill in the world of football. Wages eat up 59% of their revenue, and Catalans spend €442 million on wages. They are the only club in the world that spend more than €400 million on players’ salaries.

Manchester United are second on the list with a wage bill of €332 million. Champions League finalist PSG spends €327 million, and Real Madrid is in fourth place with €319 million spent on wages. That’s €100 million+ less than Barca spends, and they managed to win La Liga last year.

Manchester City comes fifth with €315 million, and with a million less spent on wages, Bayern Munich is sixth. We already wrote about Bayern’s finances, and they spend their money wisely. But there is also a fact that they operate in Germany, and that in the Bundesliga market you can pay a player substantially less than in England or Spain.

Another recent Champions League winners Liverpool are seventh on this list. Their wage bill stands at €310 million, but with the additions of Diogo Jota that will surely go up.

Juventus and Chelsea are not officially above the €300 million mark, but in reality, they are high above that sum. Juventus had a wage bill of €289 million in the 2018/19 season, and Chelsea had €3 million less. But with high profile signings like Thiago Silva, Kai Havertz, Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech, Ben Chilwell, etc. they could have a bigger wage bill than Juve, Liverpool, and Bayern.


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