New Deloitte Money League has been published. According to their calculations, there are 7 clubs with a player amortisation rate higher than €100 million in 2020.  

Chelsea had a tremendous summer transfer window. They are currently spending €168 million per year on new players, but this figure will be a lot higher. We are expecting them to sign French goalkeeper Edouard Mendy from Rennes. So their player amortisation could go up to €180 million.

In the second place, there is Juventus with that figure €131 million. But they will also get some new players in the squad until the end of the season. Alvaro Morata just signed from Atletico Madrid, so his transfer fee and wages must be added to this figure.

Barcelona is third on the list, and its yearly player amortisation stands at €128 million. Next on the list is Manchester City, with €1 million less than Barca. Another Manchester giant, Manchester United is fifth on the list with a €126 million player amortization rate.

Liverpool is sixt on the list with €112 million mainly due to that transfer window when Allison, Fabinho, and Naby Keita came to the club. Also, they are getting their new transfers of Kostas Tsimiskas and Diogo Jota accounted.

Paris Saint Germain is seventh on the list with €108 million, and they are the last club with a player amortisation rate higher than €100 million. There is just 7 clubs that spend so much on new acquisitions.

We should also mention Everton’s figure of €95 million, and Real Madrid with €91 million, as well as Arsenal’s €90 million.

On the other hand, European Champions Bayern is doing a great job. They are spending just €43 million a year on player amortization.


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