The coronavirus crisis in football is nearing to an end. Even in Italy, the country most heavily struck but the virus Serie A will start soon.

Last season was under a big question mark, but it finished behind closed doors. Juventus retained their title, and Napoli won Coppa Italia. Now, the Italian government, health officials, and the heads of Serie A agreed that it’s safe to play football again.

New season will start on September 19, and of course, there will be no fans in the stands. Fiorentina and Torino will open the season in Florence, and Hellas Verona and Roma will also play the same day.

So after this news, it’s clear that all leagues in Europe will have 2020/21 season. We still don’t have any place that will allow fans in stands, but for now, it’s important to have football.

At one moment there was a danger that there would be no football for a year, and that would ruin not just football as a game, but also football as an industry.

Now, when the season has started, not only in domestic leagues but also in Europe, there are no things to worry about. It’s safe to say that we will also have fans in the stands at some point of this season, and that economy of football will once again prosper and grow.


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