Bayern Munich and PSG played their Champions League final last week, and the German club won the title of European champions. But what will we see when we take a slight look at their financial results from this season?

Both clubs are very clearly super-rich. Even though PSG is considered big money spenders and Bayern as a rational club, the Bavarian giant has a bigger revenue. FC Bayern has a revenue of €660 million for the 2019/20 season. PSG is slightly above that with yearly revenue of €636 million.

It’s true that PSG is spending more money on wages and player amortization. PSG’s wage bill stands at €371 million, and Bayern’s at €356 million. Player amortization is a great expense for PSG because of Neymar and Mbappe transfers, so they are spending €123 million a year on that. Bayern has much less player amortization expenses, and they stand at €48 million.

Do they make money?

Yes. With this kind of expense, both teams are operating with a profit after tax. Bayern has a profit of €52 million for the last season, and PSG scored a €28 million profit.

The biggest kind of revenue both clubs have is commercial revenue. PSG and Bayern are worldwide brands, that are marketed in all corners of the Earth. Bavarians have €357 million revenue, and PSG is at €363 million.

Matchday income is bigger in France, with PSG earning €116 million from their home games. Bayern is earning €92 million from games at Allianz Arena. One more significant generator of revenue are broadcasting rights. German clubs are expecting a big rise in this department from next season on. For now, Bayern is getting €211 million TV money from their games. PSG on the other hand has a TV revenue of €157 million.

So, top European clubs generate a great amount of money, and they are in that sense as the biggest corporations in the world. Like Microsoft of Apple, big football clubs are operating with huge sums of money. And every year that sums become bigger.


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