German Football Association chief Fritz Keller urged clubs and Bundesliga to restructure football amid coronavirus crisis.

He thinks that better financial control is needed and that football needs to get even closer to the people.

We have to learn from our mistakes because the crisis is an opportunity to restructure football,” Keller said in a virtual address to the DFB’s extraordinary meeting on Monday.

He suggested that an idea of a salary cap in German football is possible.

“We need to bring professional football to the people, to their everyday world. So we need an improved financial control system and, yes, a salary cap,” he added.

He also talked about transfers and agent fees. He is one of the many football executives that want to restrict agents’ power.

Commissions for agents and immense transfer figure irritate society and estrange them from our beloved sport. Football has to offer satisfactory answers to these issues.

Even in Bundesliga, a league that is known for its tedious planning and systematic thinking. Keller feels there is room for improvement. Football needs to restructure in order for it to be able to survive a crisis like this one, caused by a virus.

We do not only need new rules but also a new attitude. Not to think just from season to season as we painfully found out. Football as a whole has to live on long-term perspectives.”

Salary cap is a successfull tool in USA. Could it work in to European sports?


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