Coronavirus pandemic raises a lot of questions right now, and maybe the most common one is the question of healthcare.

Many people discuss what’s the best healthcare system, and are there enough funds to support full healthcare by the state for all people. Healthcare systems vary across countries, but what’s at stake with football?

First football casualty

We had a case of first football death from coronavirus. Spanish footballer and manager Francisco Garcia died, just turning 21 years.

The Atletico Portada Alta tactician was diagnosed with leukemia after being rushed to hospital with severe Covid-19 symptoms. He is the youngest person to die from coronavirus in Spain.

Atletico Portada Alta released an official statement via social media following Garcia’s death, which reads:

We want to express our deepest condolences to the family, friends and close friends of our coach Francisco García who has left us, unfortunately, today.

Now, what do we do without you, Francis? You were always there with us at Portada or wherever you were needed, helping out. How can we keep covering all those kilometers in the league?

We don’t know how, but we will surely do it for you. We will not forget you, rest in peace, phenomenon. Until forever.”

What do we learn from this?

First of all, young people have a risk of coronavirus as well. Second of all, football isn’t just about big stars. We can see how people like Cristiano Ronaldo quickly quarantined themselves, and how supreme healthcare of big clubs like Chelsea helped their players to overcome the virus very fast. Callum Hudson-Odoi recovered in just 15 days.

But, they are not the only face of football. They are just a golden icing on the cake. There are many young players, who need better healthcare. And not just in this situation.

Many young players quit football because they don’t have the money to recover from injuries. They get sick in-between seasons and don’t get a new contract. These things happen all the time, and they ruin careers.

Footballers work with their bodies and need to have better healthcare and better insurance than most of us. And they need help.

That’s why you should check Fenomeno. A place built to help young players, and to give you reward over investment. They will make sure that every kid on a football field is insured and taken care of properly.


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