Leicester City Manchester United Ed Woodward

EBITDA ranking: Ed Woodward makes money for Manchester United

Chief executive of Manchester United Ed Woodward doesn’t bring titles to Old Trafford, but he brings profit. English club is by far...

Superstar Stories

Ian Wright

Ian Wright: Deprived childhood and goalscoring antics of England’s original Jamie Vardy

"He was one of the youngest pilots in World War II. He was one of the pilots chosen to do the flyover at Buckingham Palace. I remember him saying he was more...
Antonio Cassano Superstar Story

Two faces of Antonio Cassano: Pastries, 600 woman and fights vs Jewel, Genius and...

It's 11 July 1982, and Santiago Bernabeu is packed. 22 players run onto the pitch and this time that terrible Gary Lineker quote isn't correct. This time Germans didn't win.


dr Marijana Mladenović

Dr. Marijana Mladenović: The psychological aspect is one of the three cornerstones of sports...

Psychology is one of the most important parts of football players preparation and dr Marijana Mladenović talked with us about that. She published a number of sports psychology related...
Mirko Poledica

Mirko Poledica: Football can’t be played without players, we must work together to overcome...

Often we forget that football players aren't only superstars and performers that entertain us, but also that they are workers. Mirko Poledica didn't forget that. After a successful...

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